Città Invisibili

«Kublai Khan does not necessarily believe everything Marco Polo says when he describes the cities visited on his expeditions, but the emperor of the Tartars does continue listening to the young Venetian with greater attention and curiosity than he shows any other messenger or explorer of his. In the lives of emperors there is a moment which follows pridein the bounless extension of the territories we have conquered, and the melancholy and relief of knowing we shall soon give up any thought of knowing and understanding  them. There is a sens of emptiness that comes over us at evening, with the odor of the elephants after the rain and the sandalwood ashes growing cold in the brazens…»

Resti d’ infanzia


Sculptures of small and fantastic animals, a kind of fossils, ancestral creatures with the features of harmless games.
The objects of childhood become metonymies of what we have been and of our fears, our fantasies and our dreams.
The young artist works by stratification: from the rough and raw matter magically emerge forgotten objects, fantastic creatures that populated our dreams and our children’s games.
The memory appears nebulous and without contours: our eye has to work hard to recover its shape and reconstruct its history.
Thus we find ourselves collecting fragments of our experience, digging hard sediment matrices to bring back to light the impalpable tenderness of childhood.