Silver bracelet, made with the aid of 3 d relief print with burnished and polished parts.
The decoration of the bracelets takes inspiration from the plants of some buildings of cultural importance.
The plants of the buildings in ancient times hid esoteric and spiritual secrets.
The perimeter of the buildings and the walls are the traces that even after many years remain impressed in the ground.
From this thought the “Memento” collection was born.
The plant is shown in relief and polished on the surface of the bracelet while the base is treated with burnishing to give an antique appearance.
Of all the collection “Memento” that groups 8 bracelets I made the “Colosseo” bracelet with the 3D print the remaining bracelets are at the design level.
The “Colosseo” bracelet has a visually massive yet light structure to evoke the cuffs of the gladiators.




memento 2016